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Sense of Direction



Discover your purpose


Love what you do

Live a meaningful life

Find your purpose and jump out of bed

with a feeling of joy, not of dread.


Are you finding it harder to ignore those niggling doubts that you're not in the right job, only you don't know what the 'right' job is. Do you feel that something needs to change, but you're not sure what, or how? Do you think 'I could do anything I wanted, if only I knew what it was'?

You're not alone. 1 in 5 Australians take time off work because they feel mentally unwell. But it doesn't have to be that way - don't settle for a job that makes you, and therefore the people around you, miserable. 

I work with you to bring clarity, focus, purpose and direction into your life. By exploring what matters to you and building on your uniqueness, you can discover a livelihood which will provide greater meaning and fulfilment.

Mita Das


Mita Das

Certified career consultant

I used to be a dentist. I had money and status. From the outside it looked like I had a good life - but I was unhappy. I felt trapped in a career I had spent years training for, and guilty for not being happy. I was lost but didn't know where to turn.

It wasn't until my thirties when I realised I could lead a different life, and I became a careers consultant. Now I help other people who are feeling stuck and lost, to identify what they need in their life and work that makes them look forward to getting up each day.


Private 1-1 sessions

How it works

$165 per session 

Most people need around 4 sessions, each session lasts about an hour

To keep the momentum, it's best to have weekly or fortnightly sessions. 


Book a free
20 minute consultation

Let's chat on the phone and see if we are a good fit for each other.




If we're a good match, lock it in and pay using the secure payment method 


Book your
first session


Decide if you want to meet in person (Darwin) or online and use the calendar to find a session that suits you

Kiera H.

What can I say, I emerged from my sense of direction journey with a sense of direction. I began the journey with a curiosity around whether I was truly using my skills & interests in my job at the time. Through the processes that Mita lead me through, I realised a path ahead that might truly fulfil me. The sense of direction process gave me the confidence to eventually start my own business as an Art Therapist. Mita was gentle, encouraging & fiercely determined to do everything she could to support me to explore my purpose. I would recommend Mita to anyone who isn’t sure of their path ahead or simply wants to be a little more sure

Millie S.

I would highly recommend seeing Mita if you are contemplating your next career move. I worked with Mita when I was feeling disillusioned with my current role in the public service. This role ticked a lot of my 'boxes' but had become boring to me. She helped me identify why my current role felt unfulfilling but was sensitive to the reasons why I wanted to remain in the public service. Mita encouraged me to seek a new role which aligned with my skills, interests and experience, so I could see if really, all I needed was some new subject matter and the opportunity to learn something new. Mita helped me craft my statement of claims and CV to suit specific job descriptions and I attended interviews for every application I submitted. I'm about to start a new role and I can't thank Mita enough for her support and expert guidance. I gained insight into myself, greater appreciation of my natural talents and confidence to apply for new roles by engaging with Mita's 'Sense of Direction' process. Mita will help provide with you clarity, she will be sensitive to your personal circumstances and preferences and she will help you align your talents, interests and skills so you can feel fulfilled! Give her a call - you won't regret it! 5/5 stars!

Sam W.

When I did sense of direction I was going through a health challenge, which impacted nearly every aspect of my life. This meant I felt quite lost in the world and didn't have much of a drive or feel very connected with what I wanted to manifest on a deeper level. My experience with Mita and sense of direction gave me hope when I was ill and depressed. It gave me the sense that I could create something wonderful and guided me to come up with my own answers and intuition to make these a reality. It showed me my own potential and made me feel capable and empowered. Mita holds the space in a way that made me feel at home. I would recommend Mita and a sense of direction because the direction it pointed me to is mostly all coming into fruition so it obviously worked. It is a genuinely magical, soul nourishing experience, that stimulated me spiritually and intellectually.

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