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Alchemy 25

    Join us in the Hunter Valley, 29th Dec 2024 - 2nd Jan 2025

AUD $799

       Is this you?

  • You're wondering 'what's next?' in your life,

  • You want to make the most of the rest of your life,

  • You now have the time and money to do something fulfilling, if only you knew what it was

What the world needs now is for us to live our lives with more love and joy.
I want to show you how finding your purpose and living a meaningful life
is one of the most important things you can do r
ight now.

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Many of us have spent a lifetime focussing on careers/families. As we enter the next phase of our life, mortgages get paid off and children leave home, those drivers become less of an imperative. Without them we can feel lost, without purpose.

But what if I told you that all your life experiences so far have been preparing you for this point in your life and 
'now' is exactly the right time for you to find your purpose.

This retreat is an invitation to be intentional about the next phase of your life - because your best chapter is yet to be written!


Our retreat is set in a serene and supportive environment where you can take a break from the demands of daily life and focus on what truly matters: you.

It's a place where you can ask those big "what's next?" questions and:


Explore Possibilities: Discover passions, interests and opportunities you never knew existed.


Connect and ShareForge meaningful connections with fellow explorers on a journey of self-discovery.


Find Inner ClarityGain a deeper understanding of your values, dreams, and desires.


Reimagine Your FutureForge a path that brings you joy and fulfillment.


Important note - this is not a superannuation, retirement, or financial planning retreat.

Imagine this...


5 days focused on YOU!

Your day starts waking up in paradise and enjoying a delicious breakfast

... next, facilitated activities in a safe, private, beautiful sanctuary

... some lighter activities in the afternoon to anchor your morning's work 

... later, dinner and conversation together with like-minded people

... finishing each day with a evening circle to share authentically

... and a meditation to prepare you for the next day.

This retreat will give you the space for self reflection as well as to connect with others who are feeling the same way you feel.

Why go on a retreat?

The benefits include the opportunity to:

  • Escape from the distractions of everyday life for 5 days (4 nights) in a luxury private villa in Bali.

  • Kick start your journey towards a life of purpose with an intensive, immersive experience

  • Benefit from the collective wisdom of like-minded people (maximum 6) who have gathered with the same intention.

  • Be looked after in a beautiful environment so that you can focus all your energy on yourself.

  • Experience the alchemy of working and sharing with others.


Who is this retreat for?

Are you ready to:

  • Making a change - but just don't know which direction yet?

  • Discover your path to a more purposeful, meaningful life? 

  • Meet like-minded people who are also looking for purpose and meaning in their life?

  • Be vulnerable and share authentically with others? 

  • Listen to others with an open, compassionate heart?

  • Unplug from the distractions of every day life and devote 5 days to you?

This retreat is not for everyone - and that's OK!

If you're:

  • Not sure if you are ready to make a change and just want to test the waters

  • Not comfortable sharing about yourself or listening to others

  • Not ready to leave your comfort zone, (geographically and emotionally) 

  • Looking for a more individual, tailored experience

  • Looking for a more gentle, self-paced experience

           ...then individual sessions may be better for you.



What to expect

My intention is to guide you towards finding:

  • your inner compass - your purpose,

  • the direction you want to head in the next phase of your life, and

  • a roadmap for the journey.


It's an ambitious intention and the days are full. Below is a sample schedule. As each activity builds upon the previous one and we move through the process as a group, the expectation is a commitment to the whole program. Please note that we flow organically with the energy of the group, so this is just a guide and very much subject to change.


9 Apr


  • 2pm - Arrive and settle in

  • 4pm - Introduction to the program, setting intentions and expectations

  • 6pm - Dinner

  • 7pm - Opening circle 

  • 9pm - End of Day 1


10 Apr

My uniqueness

  • 8am - BREAKFAST

  • 9am - Discover what makes you unique

  • 10am - Break

  • 10.30 - Working with a partner to help articulate your uniqueness

  • 12pm - LUNCH

  • 1pm - Free time

  • 2pm - Claim your unique qualities and let go of negative self beliefs

  • 6pm - DINNER

  • 7pm - Evening sharing circle

  • 9pm - End of Day 2


11 Apr

My 'why'

  • 8am - BREAKFAST

  • 9am - Discover your 'why', your purpose

  • 10am - Break

  • 10.30am - Continuing to discover your purpose with the help of a partner

  • 12pm - LUNCH

  • 1pm - Free time

  • All afternoon - Give your brain a rest with intuitive yoga / massage / dance / art

  • All afternoon - Opportunity for 1-1 with Mita

  • 6pm - DINNER

  • 7pm - Evening sharing circle

  • 9pm - End of Day 3


12 Apr

My direction

  • 8am - Breakfast

  • 9am - Envision a possible new future

  • 10am - Break

  • 10.30 - Clarify the next chapter of your life

  • 12pm - LUNCH

  • 1pm - Free time

  • 2pm - Shift you towards your new future

  • 6pm - DINNER

  • 7pm - Evening sharing circle

  • 9pm - End of Day 4


13 Apr

Charting a course

  • 8am - Breakfast

  • 9am - Acknowledge and address fears and doubts that will inevitably arise

  • 10am - Break

  • 10.30 - Brainstorm solutions and chart a realistic course for action

  • 12pm - LUNCH

  • 1pm - Prepare to step into your new life direction

  • 3pm - Closing circle

  • 5pm - End of retreat

Where we'll stay

Sanur is about a 30 minute  drive from the airport (depending on the traffic). The retreat venue is ‘Villa Paradise’. There are 2 x 3 bedroom villas connected. The area is very quiet, leafy and perfect for healing and a relaxing environment. There are 2 private swimming pools. WIFI and plenty of ‘tucked-away’ areas to sit and contemplate. The bedrooms are huge and all have large en-suite, full bathrooms. Air conditioning and fans are available in each room. 


Cost per person for this 5 day retreat, inclusive of 4 nights single occupancy accommodation, all meals and retreat materials is $1499

What's not included

  • Flights

  • Travel insurance

  • Visa fees

  • Personal expenses

  • Airport transfers (1 way transport to the retreat venue can be arranged for an extra AUD $50) 

Book your spot


Single occupancy

AUD $1499

Image by Vlad Kutepov

Airport transfer

AUD $50

You are being presented with a choice:
evolve or remain.
If you choose to remain unchanged,
you will be presented with the same challenges,
the same routine, the same storms,
the same situations,
until you learn from them,
until you love yourself enough to say “no more”,
until you choose change.
If you choose to evolve,
you will connect with the strength within you,
you will explore what lies outside your comfort zone,
you will awaken to love, you will become, you will be.

Any questions? Get in touch


Billie H.

My partner and I just attended one of Mita's Sense of Direction retreats. We came away feeling incredibly grateful to have experienced such a special time of exploration and growth with an awesome group of people. We really want to acknowledge Mita's skills and her generosity, it's difficult to capture in words how just much we got out of the retreat...a greater clarity around our purpose and sense of direction has made such a significant impact on our wellbeing right now - instead of being scared and stuck and unsure and drained about our future (in all aspects of it) we now have a renewed sense of confidence and direction and joy and hope about it. We also just feel more ok about being us - about living our authentic selves and creating our own unique stories. And we feel like this is just the beginning. We had some great reflective chats since, and have so much more energy and space in ourselves to move forward now. Such a significant impact, we thank you Mita, dearly with all our hearts.

Trish S.

I thoroughly enjoyed Mita's Sense of Direction Retreat. Mita was an expert guide through a series of reflective activities to help us understand ourselves, our current situation and where we want to go next. The experience was deeply introspective but I felt wonderfully supported by Mita and the other participants. The process was freeing, motivating and self-affirming. I highly recommend attending Mita's next offering.

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