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Sense of Direction

Private sessions

The secret to finding the right work, is finding the right work for you. We're all unique and we all have a different purpose in life, or 'why'. Once we know what that is, it's so much easier to make choices about the kind of work we want to do.


Private sessions provide the opportunity to dive deep and discover work that is meaningful to you. My energy is fully focused on you and though there is still a structure to the sessions, there is the freedom to be flexible to ensure your needs are met. Most people usually have 4 sessions and by the end you'll discover:

  1. Who you are - your natural gifts and abilities, what's important to you and what interests you.

  2. Your 'why' - your reason for being; the driving force that motivates you.

  3. What form you want your to work take - who you want your work to benefit.

  4. How you are going to make it happen - what to do next, and how to deal with the blocks and excuses that will inevitably come up at this point.

What I Offer

What's next?

Are you ready? The next steps are as easy as....


lock in

a session

Once you've paid for the first session you'll be able to open up the bookings page and lock in a time.

Give yourself at least a week as you will have homework to do before your first appointment.



As soon as you've booked I'll send you some homework. To get the most out of our first session, you need to put time and energy into this. At the end of the day you're the only one who will lose out - don't cheat yourself. 


first session

Then the fun begins, either in person or online - you choose when you book. You need a private space where you can speak freely and openly and won't be interrupted. This is your time!

The purpose of life is to discover your gift.
The work of life is to develop it.
The meaning of life is to give your gift away.


Will I know what job I should do after 4 sessions?

Probably not. But you will have narrowed down your options and know what steps to take to refine those options further. Finding meaningful work is a journey - my part in your journey is to make sure you're heading in the right direction.

Will you help me find a job?

Sense of Direction is not a recruitment service so I don't find people jobs. My role is help you to identify the kind of work that is right for you. I can advise you on effective job search methods but your role is to find the opportunities. If you find a job you like, I also offer job application services to increase your chances of success.

Can I have extra sessions?

Yes you can. Though most people have 4 sessions, we're all different and some of us require more time. This will become apparent as we work together.


I also like to check in with people 3 months after the final session. We're often enthusiastic for the first few weeks, but then life happens and we can lose momentum. Having a 'check in' session keeps you accountable for taking the steps you committed to, and continue heading in the right direction.

What jobs will be available in the future?

The world of work is changing rapidly. Jobs will exist in 5 years that we haven't yet imagined! Which is why looking for the right 'job' limits your options. But when you know your 'why' or purpose, you'll see more possibilities and find it easier to identify 'work' that aligns, whatever the labour market environment is at the time. Of course, you'll need to keep upskilling as technology continues to change the way we do the work, but you will still be working on purpose.

Sense of Direction | ABN 19 339 781 411

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